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Meago Global Property Funds

Listed Property, as an asset class is inherently lower risk due to diversity of underlying earnings, liquidity and yield certainty. Global listed property is an attractive risk diversifier for any South African global investor, offering attractive yields in relation to global bond yields as well directly benefiting from improving fundamentals across various regions and sub-sectors. With this in mind, offshore property exposure has gained in popularity among South African investors.

Meago’s view is that it is virtually impossible for SA fund managers to have a presence and/or in depth knowledge of the entire global universe of property stocks. We understand that considerable consideration has to be given not just to the country macro fundamentals, but also city fundamentals and the property subsectors therein.  Over and above this the underlying asset needs to be assessed for quality and suitability. On that basis, we believe that an enhanced index tracker fund; weighted heavily towards the gold standard global property index, namely GPR250 REIT index is the best option for South African investors.

Meago in turn looks to enhance returns for investors via limited active investments into specific markets. Investors benefit further through a lower fee structure to that of active fund managers.


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