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Meago has achieved level 1 status (or equivalent) status since its inception in 2005.

Meago is 100% black-owned and managed, and our shareholders include the Meago ESOP, our employee share scheme.

We believe that BEE is an integral driver of economic and social transformation in South Africa and therefore an integral component of our business. We are committed to align our business in the workplace and in society, with the National Development Plan (NDP) and we actively promote the economic inclusion of other black South African companies through our preferential procurement policies. We actively look to empower people and enable our employees to realise their full potential through training and on the job opportunities. Meago is a member of ABSIP (Association of Black Securities and Investment Professionals) and SAIBPP (South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners). Meago affirms our commitment as a responsible corporate citizen, to contribute to the improvement and development of the quality of life of the community, and to support sustainable community development initiatives in partnership with government, business, civil society and the community, directly through our business and indirectly via our Hummingbird Foundation.